Dieses Schmuddelwasser befindet sich natürlich in Teichen und Springbrunnen, weil die halt auch nicht so oft gesäubert werden. Also wenn es da mal warm ist, ich würde ja nicht in so einem Springbrunnen planschen. Das macht auch die gute Sally Warring nicht, die Proben von diesen Gewässern nimmt und nach instagrammbaren Bildern sucht, die ihr euch natürlich im dazu passenden Account anschauen könnt. Sie hat auch eine sehr hübsche Website, auf der sie schreibt:

All free-living life forms are made of cells. The majority of life forms on the planet are microscopic and unicellular – meaning that the entire organism consists of only one cell, and is too small to be seen with the naked eye. We, in juxtaposition, are made up of many, many cells, as are the plants and animals that we can see around us every day. Unicellular organisms inhabit the soil, air and water all around us, some even reside within our own bodies. These organisms are intrinsically fascinating and often visually stunning; they are architects, builders, travelers, parasites, hunters, scavengers and prey; they have sex lives and mating rituals; they build communities and they go it alone. They are as complex in terms of behavior and lifestyle as any plant or animal, yet they do all of this within the confines of only one cell. Pondlife is an effort to document these organisms as the complex living creatures that they are, and make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Ich verlinke euch den IG-Account noch ein zweites mal, weil es da wirklich richtig hübsche Bilder gibt. Guckt doch mal. (via)