In this Koyaanisqatsi inspired trailer, two filmmakers use autonomous cameras placed at SpaceX launchpads to show the stunning and arresting beauty of our grand adventure to space. For the past 2 years, cinematographer Ryan Chylinski has been documenting the unfathomable emotion and excitement of rocket launches using innovative camera techniques. Traveling full-time coast-to-coast with his partner MaryLiz Bender, they formed the studio Cosmic Perspective to take audiences directly to the amazing astronauts, scientists, and transformative artists at the forefront of space exploration.

Na ja und am Ende ist es eben auch einfach ein schönes Video einer in Zeitlupe startenden Rakete, angeführt von einem Zitat von Ray Bradbury, in dem er uns vom Zauber der Raumfahrt erzählt. Ich bin entzückt. (via)